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Barrier Care ®
Medicinal skin care bath liquid

600mL / 2,200 yen including tax (2,000 yen excluding tax)​

A simple, all-over body care product to add to your daily bath.
Protects skin from damage caused by bathing, which can contribute to dry, itchy skin, leaving it moisturized and refreshed.

Fragrance of lavender, yellow of vitamin B2
Patch-tested by a person with sensitive skin
(This does not mean that all people will not experience skin irritation)

Blended rice power extract


Skin care effect / cleaning effect

It is an extract for bath additives approved as an active ingredient for quasi-drugs.
After taking a bath, your skin will be moisturized and you can enjoy the warmth for a long time.


All ingredients

Active ingredient: Rice Power No.1-D

Other ingredients: water, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, fragrance, dipropylene glycol, sodium benzoate, tri (caprylic capric acid) glyceryl, sodium hyposulfite, citric acid, sodium riboflavin phosphate

How to use

Add half of the cap (30mL line) to your bath water (about 200L).
Increase or decrease as needed depending on the amount of hot water.
It is more effective if you do not rinse off in the shower or after bathing.

Customer's voice

* This is a personal opinion and does not guarantee efficacy or effectiveness.

  • No more itching, my body feels warm and I can sleep comfortably at night.

  • My back was itchy and I had a hard time rubbing moisturizer on it, but just by changing the way I bathe, it became much easier.

  • I wish I could tell my old self that I used to take scrubbing for granted.

Barrier care products


Bathing liquid

600mL / ¥ 2,200 including tax

[ Non- medicinal products]

Protect your skin from daily bathing



100g / tax included ¥ 1,650

Moisturizes dry skin


Inbath milk

180mL / ¥ 2,970 including tax

Keeps moisture immediately after bathing



40g / ¥ 3,520 including tax
[ Non- medicinal products]

Improves water retention

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1-5-30 Minamitanabe Higashisumiyoshi-ku,

Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 546-0033



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