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Barrier Care ®
Inbath milk

180mL / 2,970 yen including tax (2,700 yen excluding tax)​

Effectively moisturizes the whole body for dryness that starts immediately after bathing.

With a new skin care habit, you can easily make your skin healthy.

Patch tested with the help of fragrance-free, non-colored sensitive skin
(not all skin irritation occurs)

Blended rice power extract


Ingredients that care for dryness and dryness

It works on the stratum corneum and prepares the oil content of the skin.
It protects the skin from problems such as dryness, dryness, and rough skin, and leads to smooth skin that retains the oil content of the skin.

How to use

After bathing, lightly water your body with your hands, and use it on areas of concern for dryness before wiping with a towel.
Then wipe gently with a towel.
No rinsing is required. It can also be used on dry skin.

Customer's voice

* This is an individual impression and does not guarantee efficacy.

  • As I continued every day, I realized the importance of care because of the difference in skin when I forgot.

  • It is recommended because you can easily take care of the waist area, which is difficult to apply once you wear clothes.

  • I was a little reluctant to get wet on my skin, but once I got used to it, I didn't mind it at all.

Barrier care products


Bathing liquid

600mL / ¥ 2,200 including tax

[ Non- medicinal products]

Protect your skin from daily bathing



100g / tax included ¥ 1,650

Moisturizes dry skin


Inbath milk

180mL / ¥ 2,970 including tax

Keeps moisture immediately after bathing



40g / ¥ 3,520 including tax
[ Non- medicinal products]

Improves water retention

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Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 546-0033



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