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Rice Power® Extract

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Luxury self-care products

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Yushin Shuzo's "Barrier Care" is a brand of self-care systems proposed by medical professionals to those who suffer from repeated itching and dryness caused by skin barrier problems.
Since it is easy to receive consultation and advice from doctors and pharmacists at the time of purchase, the products can be used for more complete self-care.

Self-Care with

Rice Power

It is necessary to accumulate correct self-care in daily life. We aim to maintain good health through a self-care system using rice-power extract items.

Importance of self-care

Repeated symptoms are caused at home.

Have you ever noticed that self-care at home is very important to cure diseases and maintain good health?

For example, as the aging population and the number of allergy patients increase, more and more people are suffering from severe dryness and itching.
In this case, the first step is to see a doctor for diagnosis and proper medication, but along with that, self-care at home is also very important.

Some problems, such as itchiness associated with dry skin, can be treated at the hospital, but then come back again, causing repeated hospital visits.
This is because the cause of the problem lies in our lifestyle at home and our nature.


This is why both treatment and self-care are becoming more and more important in the medical field.
For self-care, it is important to receive guidance and advice from specialists such as doctors and pharmacists, and to do so correctly.


In the government-promoted "family pharmacist/pharmacy" system, pharmacies play a familiar and dependable role where people can consult with them on any health-related matter, and pharmacists with specialized knowledge provide a wide range of support for our health, including daily lifestyle guidance and consultation on skin care.


Self-Care with Rice Power

Self-care that utilizes the power of Rice Power® extract supports a safe and healthy life.

While self-care is becoming more and more important, challenges are also emerging.

Self-care at home is difficult to make a habit of.
In addition, care for hard-to-reach areas such as the back is not possible, and when nursing care is required, the burden on the caregiver is also seen as a problem.


Due to this situation, it is not possible to balance medical treatment and self-care, resulting in prolonged treatment and a dilemma for both doctors and patients.


Therefore, Yushin Shuzo has paid attention to the voices of both parties and developed systems and items that can make self-care at home a habit.


The "no-wash bathing method," which has already received high praise from medical institutions and nursing homes as an easy way to take care of the whole body at home, was used as a springboard to create the Barrier Care® brand, which focuses on the barrier function of the skin.


Yushin Shuzo offers the best self-care method that utilizes the power of rice power extracts, and aims to support each individual's safe and healthy daily life.

What is Rice Power Extract?

Rice Power® Extract is derived from rice.
It is actually not just a nutrient like rice bran or rice fermented liquid, however.

Rice Power® Extract is a new functional material created using Yushin Shuzo's unique technology called "Japanese-style biotechnology.

All rice power extracts awaken our innate power to be healthy.
Rather than a temporary or superficial treatment, it is a slow and steady adjustment from the inside.


There are 36 types of rice power extracts currently being developed. 13 of them have been commercialized and are supported by many companies and customers including research institutes and major pharmaceutical manufacturers.

All of the 36 types of Rice Power Extracts, which were created by combining various fermentation methods, have different effects and have been scientifically confirmed to be effective.


Rice Power Symbol

Rice Power Extract, which is produced from rice by a unique Japanese biotechnology process, leads to the health of people's natural functions themselves. Only products that use Rice Power Extract and have been scientifically proven to be effective will be labeled with this symbol.

※The "efficacy and effectiveness" of the product is within the range approved for cosmetics and quasi-drugs.

How Rice Power Extract is Made

Rice Power Extract is made from 100% Japanese-made rice.


Ingredients of 100% Japanese rice



Extraction of rice using proprietary technology

After steaming the rice, the rice extract is obtained using Yushin Shuzo's proprietary technology.



Microorganisms in combination

Various combinations of koji mold, yeast, lactic acid bacteria, etc. are used for long and slow fermentation. Each extract requires different types and combinations of microorganisms and different fermentation periods, so great care must be taken.



Slow fermentation in barrels

During the fermentation process, various microorganisms are active in the barrel. As the microorganisms influence each other, a complex chain of processes begins that cannot be explained by science, creating a unique world. This is how the revolutionary ingredient called Rice Power Extract is created.



Support the work of microorganisms

What we do is only adjustment and management. In order to maximize the power of microorganisms as they naturally are, we need exquisite senses that can be called craftsmanship.



Finished by aging slowly.

After about 90 days of slow fermentation and maturation, the rice power extract is finally completed after undergoing strict quality control.


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