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"Ancient lotus tea" supervised by a pharmacy

Make " Beauty Tea" a part of your daily health routine


Ancient lotus tea grown without pesticides

The tea is made from ancient lotus leaves grown without pesticides.

Lotus tea is a diet tea that Yang Guifei also loved to drink.

Caffeine free, so it can be drunk during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Recommend by Pharmacists and Nutritionists


If you are concerned about your health, it may be difficult for you to go to the hospital.

 I would like you to start with these simple habits.


Lotus is also used as an ingredient in Chinese herbal medicine, so it is a safe material.

As a result of recent research, it is expected to have anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, blood pressure lowering, and anti-diabetic effects.


Lotus is good for you!
(1) Reduces cholesterol in the blood and removes fat and wastes
(2) Reduces blood sugar in the blood and cleanses the blood.
(3) Contains vitamin C and minerals, and has a beauty effect!

If you are concerned about your health, but find it difficult to change your lifestyle, why don't you start with one cup of lotus tea a day?

When you hear that lotus tea is good for your health, you may be concerned about the taste...


It has a nice aroma and a refreshing taste, so it goes well with meals.



How to drink "Ancient Lotus Tea"

Place 1 bag (2g) of ancient lotus tea in the bottom of a French press, pour in 350mL of hot water, and let steep for about 2 minutes. (You can also use a regular teapot.)

Gently press the tea leaves through a filter and pour the upper residue into a cup. The remaining liquid at the end can be discarded as it contains a lot of miscellaneous flavors and bitterness.


When tea leaves are left to soak in tea, they will start to taste messy and bitter.

Please drink it up as soon as possible or transfer it to another container for enjoyment.

You can also brew tea by boiling 500mL of water and 1 bag (2g) of tea leaves together for 5 minutes.

Please note that the tea cannot be enjoyed with water.

2g x 20 packets Regular price 2,080 Yen

Special price 1,680 yen!


Lotus has supported people's health.

Since ancient times, lotus has been cultivated in people's daily lives as a raw material for Chinese medicine, and all parts of the plant including roots, leaves, and flowers are being utilized.

Blessed with alkaloids, flavonoids, polyphenols, and a variety of useful components, lotus is still being studied in many ways.

It is a very promising plant right now, with research going on in various fields such as hypotensive effect, diabetic effect, and antioxidant effect.

Lotus in the Yayoi Period on Shimada Island

Shimada Island is located in the northeastern tip of Tokushima Prefecture and is the second largest island in the prefecture.

The lotus was planted in 2014 by volunteers from the local community development in order to grow flowers of the "Ohga lotus" known as the ancient lotus.


In the fields of ancient lotus trees grown without pesticides, storks sometimes come down to visit.

It is said that the fact that storks can grow here is a sign that the ecosystem and environment are in good condition.

We ship them without any scientific treatment so that you can enjoy their natural flavor.

It contains many benefits such as alkaloids, flavonoids, and vitamins, and has a relaxing taste with the fragrance of lotus and a mild sweetness.




I'm taking medication. Is it safe to take them together?


In most cases, you can take it without any problem.

However, there are some antibiotics that may affect the effect, so it is best to stop taking them while taking antibiotics. Please consult with your physician or pharmacist.


Do you make tea leaves in your pharmacy?


It is processed and packaged in a licensed factory, so you can drink it with peace of mind in terms of hygiene. The ancient lotus used in this product is "Benishimada," which is being researched jointly by a university and the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Institute, so there is no problem with its quality.


How many times a day should I take it?


It can be as many times as you can continue in your daily routine without feeling uncomfortable.

You can start by taking one cup in the morning or at tea time.

It is important to continue medication and healthy habits every day without strain.

Sales to be donated to the Stork Fund.


The "Tokushima Stork Fund" was established with the aim of creating a community where rare birds such as storks can coexist with humans.


In order to achieve these goals, various activities are being carried out, such as securing nesting sites, establishing and operating biotopes using fallow rice fields, and working to revitalize local industries, including agriculture.

Brave Inc. has become a supporting member of the Tokushima Stork Foundation, a non-profit organization, as part of its activities to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Part of the sales of the "Ancient Lotus Tea" will be donated to the Tokushima Stork Fund.

Want to start a healthy habit?


A health tea once loved by Yang Guifei,

supervised by a pharmacy

Enjoy the natural taste of pesticide-free products.

2g x 20 packets Regular price 2,080 Yen

→ Special price 1,680 yen!

Product Information

Name:Ancient lotus tea
Product Category:Food
Ingredient :Ancient lotus leaves
Place of origin:Tokushima Prefecture
Contents:2g x 20 packets
Caffeine content:Non-caffeine
Shelf life:Indicated on the back of the package.
Storage:Keep out of direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

Cautions:After opening, keep away from moisture.
Distributed by Brave Co.

Brave Inc. is a supporting member of the Tokushima Stork Foundation, a non-profit organization. Part of the sales of "Ancient Lotus Tea" will be donated to the Tokushima Stork Fund.


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